Horse Riding in Portland to Stay in Shape

In October 2014, we shared a new craze that was becoming popular: Bike Polo. As the name suggests bikes replaced horses and it catered to a very different type of athlete compared to the more traditional polo. In this post we will go the opposite way and embrace the humble horse to take a look […]


Snowshoeing around Portland

I’ll admit it upfront: I’m not a skier. Few things make my bones feel more vulnerable than the idea of flying down a hill with gliders on my feet. But for those of us who like a more sedate winter sport, snowshoeing is perfect. With Mount Hood so close by, Portlanders have lots of places […]


5 Portland Races to Help Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get (back) in shape? Whether you plan to run, walk, jog or just get off the couch, getting active is always a great goal. That being said, it’s a lot easier when you have a milestone to reach. Sure, “getting in shape” is a worthwhile goal, but that’s not […]


Stay Dry: Five Places to Golf in Portland Without Needing an Umbrella

Golfing in Oregon can be spectacular. There are few things better than a blue sky and green fairway in the Pacific Northwest. And even in the winter, a rainy day on the course is better than a dry day off it. But sloshing through wet grass and mud can get old pretty quick. So if […]


5 Year-Round Waterfall Hikes That Aren’t Multnomah Falls

There is nothing wrong with Multnomah Falls, but here are 5 brilliant waterfall hikes that, while still a draw to crowds, aren’t as overrun.


Mixing Soccer and Golf is the Most Fun You can Have in Portland

We checked out the local FootGolf course at Glendoveer to see what the craze is all about. And it was a freaking blast!

Photo by Roger Geller

Ultimate Frisbee Community Growing in Portland

Portland’s ultimate scene ranges from professional to pick-up games, with leagues and clubs in the middle. There are brand new players who are still learning to throw a frisbee, and seasoned Stags who represent Portland in Major League Ultimate.


Friday Five: Sports and Activities in Washington County

You don’t have to drive down to Eugene to see a good football game. You don’t even have to drive into Portland to see a decent football game. There is always something sports-minded people can do, even living on the west side.


Lessons from a Reformed Weekend Warrior

For most people, being carried to a medical tent to get an IV in their arm would be enough to teach them that they need to train before running a marathon.


Bicycle Blitz: Portland Prepares for Pedal-Packed Weekend

This wintery weekend’s calendar is brimming with biking activities apt for anyone and everyone eager to exercise.