Horse Riding in Portland to Stay in Shape

In October 2014, we shared a new craze that was becoming popular: Bike Polo. As the name suggests bikes replaced horses and it catered to a very different type of athlete compared to the more traditional polo. In this post we will go the opposite way and embrace the humble horse to take a look […]


Snowshoeing around Portland

I’ll admit it upfront: I’m not a skier. Few things make my bones feel more vulnerable than the idea of flying down a hill with gliders on my feet. But for those of us who like a more sedate winter sport, snowshoeing is perfect. With Mount Hood so close by, Portlanders have lots of places […]


5 Year-Round Waterfall Hikes That Aren’t Multnomah Falls

There is nothing wrong with Multnomah Falls, but here are 5 brilliant waterfall hikes that, while still a draw to crowds, aren’t as overrun.


Mixing Soccer and Golf is the Most Fun You can Have in Portland

We checked out the local FootGolf course at Glendoveer to see what the craze is all about. And it was a freaking blast!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K

Get Up! Get Active! A Weekend Full of Fun Fundraisers in Portland

October’s second weekend brings three fundraiser events that promise to get you on your feet while benefiting those in need.


5 Gorgeous Oregon Hikes to Get You Psyched About Autumn

Here are 5 great hikes to sweeten up the bitter, soak up some vitamin D while you still can, and get away from that creepy winter dude on the corner.


The Portland Marathon: A Sneak Peek at Portland’s Most Popular Race

The much lauded, eagerly awaited annual Portland Marathon is coming up this weekend, and it promises to be one of the city’s top recreational sporting events of 2014.


Naming Your Bicycle: 5 Easy Steps!

I realized that, while I love thinking up names for things, I hadn’t given one to my bike. That’s where my step-by-step philosophical journey began.


Portland Outdoor Report: Turkey Season Opens

This past week has been some amazing weather which has warmed up our waterways. Spring in the Pacific Northwest is unmatched when considering outdoor opportunities. Our Spring Turkey season just began on the 15th, Salmon fishing has been good and steelhead are still making their way into the local tributaries! Turkey The Turkey season has […]


Portland Fishing Report: Spring Chinook Are Here

Rain has been the norm here during the last week, but hey…It’s Spring in the Northwest! As is typical this time of year, we are receiving several “cells” per day with quick shots of significant rainfall. This has kept most of our systems at good levels to keep the catch rate up! Steelhead Yes, the […]