Friday Five: Sports and Activities in Washington County

You don’t have to drive down to Eugene to see a good football game. You don’t even have to drive into Portland to see a decent football game. There is always something sports-minded people can do, even living on the west side.


Friday Five: Portland’s Defunct Franchises

Even if it will never be confused for New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, Portland has a rich and proud professional sports history, much of which, unfortunately, is just that… history. Today, we’re obviously huge fans of our Trail Blazers, Winterhawks, Timbers, Thorns, Hops, and Thunder, but there are some teams from the past that […]

Portland Sports: Underwater Hockey

Friday Five: Portland’s Lesser Known Sports

You already know about Portland’s epic dodgeball leagues. And the Rose City is no stranger to a massive kickball community. While Futsal and other small leagues are growing in popularity, there still remains an underground of sorts containing Portland’s lesser-known leisure leagues. We’re not exactly talking Urban Iditarod or hide and seek championships; rather some […]


Friday Five: Local Hikes Under 5 Miles

With the weather warming up, flowers blooming, and green everywhere you look, it’s time to head outdoors and take in one of the many fantastic hiking opportunities in and around Portland. Explore the many beautiful Gorge waterfalls or check out the fantastic parks in the city – you can’t go wrong. Bring a water bottle, […]