Friday Five: Sports and Activities in Washington County


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Portland. Hillsboro to be exact and the only time I really do not go into Portland that often, maybe once every couple months. I prefer suburbia to the big city. That does not mean that I am bored every night however or there is nothing to do on a weekend for the average sports fan.

Here is my Top 5 list of things for Sport Fans to do that live in Washington County:


1: Pacific University Football

Ok, yes, I know it’s not the Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers, but hay you shouldn’t expect that when you go see a game. Expect to be entertained. Expect NOT to pay $300 for tickets in the 100 level. Try $72 for a FULL SEASON, $20 for Reserved Seat ticket, $15 for General Admission. Seniors and Children (6-14) get in for $5.

Its live football and by athletes that are decent. You won’t find a Heisman Trophy candidate, but you will see affordable family live entertainment. Don’t knock it until you’ve been to a game. You will see that just because you are not a huge state college, it does not mean you can’t have a successful program and put out decent but more importantly, affordable family entertainment.

Gordon Faber Sports Complex

2 & 3: Gordon Faber Sports Complex

The huge sports complex located just off HWY 26 in Hillsboro. The Football and Baseball stadium can be seen easily from the Highway. There is ALWAYS something going on in the evenings there. Right now, there is football and soccer. Can’t afford a $300 for 3 tickets to a Duck game plus a 2 hour drive down and 2-3 hour drive back…. Stick near home and check out a local team. Whether its catching a local high school football program, or even a PSU game that is held there every now and then. The complex offers year-round entertainment on the cheap. Admission is usually $5-$10 or FREE. Check out the calendar to see the events coming up.

The complex also has your normal food variety of hotdogs, drinks, and candy… so don’t be afraid to plop down, stuff your face with a few hotdogs and watch some local football, soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, etc, etc…

The complex has so much going on throughout the week and on the weekends, there should be at least one thing a week a die-hard sports fan would have some interest in going to see, which is why it receives #2 and #3 on my Top 5 list.


4. Nature Walks

Don’t underestimate the physiology of a good walk, especially when you are strapped for cash and looking for something to do to waste a few hours or an afternoon with the family. The favorite so far, at least for my family, is Tualatin Hills Nature Park. It is located right off TV Highway on SW Millikan Way. Its free and provides tones of trails to walk (main ones are paved, but also has unpaved side trails).

Located in “downtown” Beaverton, it’s a serene place to go and be encompassed by nature. Trees all around you with no car noises, it’s a great place to let you child walk free-of-hand and explore some of the greatest TOYS I had when I was a kid (sticks, leaves, bugs). It’s time to turn off YouTube for a little while and forget about checking Facebook; do yourself a favor and leave your phone in your car.


5. Golf & Driving Range

I just recently got into playing golf, after dusting off a set my parents bought me years ago. I took up the local driving range and for $7-$10 I bought 100 balls to hit the bloody piss off them. I can’t STAND watching golf, it’s like beating me into a subdued submission. BUT, it’s cheap and good entertainment for you and a friend, even if you’ve never hit a ball before.

There are several driving ranges around available for public use on the Westside, so don’t worry about having to wear a polo shirt and khaki pants to the driving range. I show up in basketball shorts and a Trailblazers shirt… and even I’m accepted to walk in, buy a bucket of balls, and waste a couple hour shanking a golf ball to the right every time…. EVERY TIME.

Bottom line

THERE ARE things to do/see in the suburbs; you don’t have to drive down to Eugene to see a good football game. You don’t even have to drive into Portland to see a decent football game. Just look around. There is always something sports-minded people can do, even living on the west side. You don’t have to be rich to hit a few golf balls. You definitely don’t have to be rich to go on a nature walk.

Let me know what your favorite sport-minded activity to do on the Westside is?

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  1. Kyle Martinak
    Kyle Martinak
    September 26, 2014

    Which public driving range? I used to go through a bucket of golf balls during every finals week in college as a stress-reliever. It’s great.

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