5 Year-Round Waterfall Hikes That Aren’t Multnomah Falls

There is nothing wrong with Multnomah Falls, but here are 5 brilliant waterfall hikes that, while still a draw to crowds, aren’t as overrun.


Using Tai Chi to Recover from Injuries

The health benefits of Tai Chi are numerous. It increases strength in the upper and lower body, while also increasing flexibility.

Photo by Roger Geller

Ultimate Frisbee Community Growing in Portland

Portland’s ultimate scene ranges from professional to pick-up games, with leagues and clubs in the middle. There are brand new players who are still learning to throw a frisbee, and seasoned Stags who represent Portland in Major League Ultimate.


Portland Woman Smiling as She Launches Professional MMA Career

A referee told Emily Corso that her tendency to smile while fighting was terrifying to watch. This trait almost earned her the nickname “The Serial Killer.”


Lessons from a Reformed Weekend Warrior

For most people, being carried to a medical tent to get an IV in their arm would be enough to teach them that they need to train before running a marathon.


Portland Cycling Coach Turns Entrepreneur

VeloPro was launched about a month ago: a “dynamic, online training system for cyclists”. It is the only dynamic training program available in the world.


Warming Up: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

There is plenty of debate about whether or not warming up is really necessary. First of all, let’s make sure to distinguish between stretching and warming up.


5 Gorgeous Oregon Hikes to Get You Psyched About Autumn

Here are 5 great hikes to sweeten up the bitter, soak up some vitamin D while you still can, and get away from that creepy winter dude on the corner.