Muscle Cramping And You: A Technical Look

As Mr. Miyagi said “To overcome an obstacle, you must first understand what the obstacle is.” Well, I think he said that. Anyway, let’s get physical!


Meet Mariko Yoshiwara: Rec Sports Supserstar

One field just isn’t enough: This Portland rec sports connoisseur competes in kickball, softball, bowling and water polo.


USSSA Kickball Championship Recap

It was a good day for Kickball and it brought out a variety of teams from the Recesstime, Underdog and Oregon Kickball Club leagues.


Naming Your Bicycle: 5 Easy Steps!

I realized that, while I love thinking up names for things, I hadn’t given one to my bike. That’s where my step-by-step philosophical journey began.


Back in the U.S.S.S.A.

I’m excited for this tournament, but not because of the fancy marketing and oddly designed website. It’s a neutral showcase for both Underdog and Recesstime, the two biggest Kickball leagues in town