Mixing Soccer and Golf is the Most Fun You can Have in Portland

We checked out the local FootGolf course at Glendoveer to see what the craze is all about. And it was a freaking blast!


Bicycle Blitz: Portland Prepares for Pedal-Packed Weekend

This wintery weekend’s calendar is brimming with biking activities apt for anyone and everyone eager to exercise.


Why You Should Check Out Bike Polo Matches At Alberta Park

It proved to be more than just spectacle, however. I found a particular sub-culture, gathered around a relatively young sport in transition.


Friday Five: Reasons to Root for the Seahawks

It’s OK to hate the Seattle Sounders. And sure, when the Emerald City gets an NBA team again, you can hate them also. But with no hometown NFL team to call your own, it’s your Northwest duty to root for the Seahawks. Look, we’re not asking you to like Century Link Field. After all, the […]