Weekend Recap: Monday Morning Links

The Beaver’s women’s basketball team dominated in their first NCAA tournament victory since 1995. On Sunday, the ninth-seed Beavers beat the eighth-seed Middle Tennessee 55-36. The team now has to play No. 1 seed South Carolina on Tuesday but the victory against Middle Tennessee is something the team intends to celebrate for as long as […]


Join Our March Madness Pool: $300 in Prizes

We partnered with Oregon Sports News to offer $300 in prizes for this year’s March Madness pool. Last year, we had exactly 500 people compete for the $100 gift card grand prize. This year, we bumped up the grand prize to $200, second place to $75 and third place to $25! Fill out your bracket, […]


Oregon Ducks Basketball Team is Flying Foul

Oregon Ducks men’s basketball continues to struggle after losing their fourth game in a row. It is hard to remember that just a few short weeks ago the Ducks were 13-0 and #10 in the country. Some—well, I did—even said they would win the Pac-12. That is still a possibility simply because they have not […]