Fantasy Scrambler: Playoff Player Rankings


By this point in the season, you are either preparing for the fantasy playoffs or you are playing the spoiler.

If you are fortunate enough to be heading toward the post season, then I have got the definitive playoff player chart for you.

I have ranked each of the offensive positions, 11-20, and listed which defenses they are playing in each week of the fantasy playoffs starting in week 14. I started with number 11 because if you have a top 10 guy then you are going to play him regardless of the match up.

This chart is intended to help you decide which player to play in the weeks ahead depending on who has the better match up. Next to each player listed, you will see who they are facing each week and their defensive rank. For passing and receiving, the defensive rank will be for passing yards per game. For the running backs, the defensive ranks will be for rushing.

Also consider where the game is being played and the weather conditions. As we saw with Peyton Manning Sunday night, the weather can be a significant influence on whom you should play and who should be keeping your bench warm.

Hopefully this chart will help clear up those tough start ‘em/sit ‘em situations that inevitably arise each week of the fantasy playoffs. Good luck and remember to Keep on Scramblin’ and hit me up on Twitter @MaahsScrambler with any fantasy questions or advice you may need.


[table class="table-striped table-condensed" border="1"]
#,Player,Week 14,Week 15,Week 16
11,Ben Roethlisberger,Dolphins (14),Bengals (5),@Packers (20)
12,Matt Ryan,@Packers (20),Redskins (26),@49’ers (8)
13,Robert Griffin III,Chiefs (15),@Falcons (24),Cowboys (31)
14,Tom Brady,Browns (4),@Dolphins (14),@Ravens (11)
15,Ryan Tannehill,@Steelers (10),Patriots (9),@Bills (12)
16,Aaron Rodgers,Falcons (24),@Cowboys (31),Steelers (10)
17,Nick Foles,Lions (28),@Vikings (29),Bears (13)
18,Carson Palmer,Rams (22),@Titans (7),@Seahawks (2)
19,Colin Kaepernick,Seahawks (2),@Buccaneers (21),Falcons (24)
20,Joe Flacco,Vikings (29),@Lions (28),Patriots (9)

Running Backs

[table class="table-striped table-condensed"]
#,Player,Week 14,Week 15,Week 16
11,Alfred Morris,Chiefs (20),@Falcons (28),Cowboys (30)
12,Giovani Bernard,Colts (27),@Steelers (24),Vikings (25)
13,Fred Jackson,@Buccaneers (10),@Jaguars (29),Dolphins (26)
14,Danny Woodhead,Giants (8),@Broncos (6),Raiders (9)
15,Pierre Thomas,Panthers (3),@Rams (14),@Panthers (3)
16,Demarco Murray,@Bears (32),Packers (19),@Redskins (13)
17,Maurice Jones-Drew,Texans (22),Bills (23),Titans (18)
18,Ryan Mathews,Giants (8),@Broncos (6),Raiders (9)
19,Zac Stacy,@Cardinals (2),Saints (15),Buccaneers (10)
20,Stevan Ridley,Browns (7),@Dolphins (26),@Ravens (12)

Wide Receivers

[table class="table-striped table-condensed"]
#,Player,Week 14,Week 15,Week 16
11,Wes Welker,Titans (7),Chargers (27),@Texans (1)
12,Vincent Jackson,Bills (12),49’ers (8),@Rams (22)
13,Alshon Jeffery,Cowboys (31),@Browns (4),@Eagles (32)
14,Larry Fitzgerald,Rams (22),@Titans (7),@Seahawks (2)
15,Victor Cruz,@Chargers (27),Seahawks (2),@Lions (28)
16,Pierre Garcon,Chiefs (15),@Falcons (24),Cowboys (31)
17,T.Y. Hilton,@Bengals (5),Texans (1),@Chiefs (15)
18,Torrey Smith,Vikings (29),@Lions (28),Patriots (9)
19,Riley Cooper,Lions (28),@Vikings (29),Bears (13)
20,Eric Decker,Titans (7),Chargers (27),@Texans (1)

Tight Ends

[table class="table-striped table-condensed"]
#,Player,Week 14,Week 15,Week 16
11,Coby Fleener,@Bengals (5),Texans (1),@Chiefs (15)
12,Delanie Walker,@Broncos (30),Cardinals (17),@Jaguars (18)
13,Jared Cook,@Cardinals (17),Saints (3),Buccaneers (21)
14,Jordan Reed,Chiefs (15),@Falcons (24),Cowboys (31)
15,Garrett Graham,@Jaguars (18),@Colts (19),Broncos (30)
16,Rob Gronkowski,Browns (4),@Dolphins (14),@Ravens (11)
17,Scott Chandler,@Buccaneers (21),@Jaguars (18),Dolphins (14)
18,Dallas Clark,Bills (12),49’ers (8),@Rams (22)
19,Joseph Fauria,@Eagles (32),Ravens (11),Giants (15)
20,Brent Celek,Lions (28),@Vikings (29),Bears (13)

Brian Maahs
Brian Maahs is an avid sports fan, fisherman and youth football coach. When he's not reviewing Portland's best sports bars, he's usually researching fantasy football or planning his next fishing trip.
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