Snowshoeing around Portland

I’ll admit it upfront: I’m not a skier. Few things make my bones feel more vulnerable than the idea of flying down a hill with gliders on my feet. But for those of us who like a more sedate winter sport, snowshoeing is perfect. With Mount Hood so close by, Portlanders have lots of places […]


5 Gorgeous Oregon Hikes to Get You Psyched About Autumn

Here are 5 great hikes to sweeten up the bitter, soak up some vitamin D while you still can, and get away from that creepy winter dude on the corner.


Friday Five: Local Hikes Under 5 Miles

With the weather warming up, flowers blooming, and green everywhere you look, it’s time to head outdoors and take in one of the many fantastic hiking opportunities in and around Portland. Explore the many beautiful Gorge waterfalls or check out the fantastic parks in the city – you can’t go wrong. Bring a water bottle, […]