The 4th Annual “24 Hour Walk” Event – What is it?


Courtesy of – A Portland Sports partner.

Ever since I was young, sports have played a huge part in my life. The vast majority of my childhood memories have to do with being on the basketball court, football or soccer field, or on the baseball diamond. Aside from my parents, coaches have had some of the biggest influences on my life when I was young.

One coach that had an impact on my life is now having an even greater impact on lives throughout the community. Dale Rule was one of my high school football coaches. He was a funny coach that definitely had a competitive side, and he always had the most interesting and motivating half time speeches. As a high school football coach now, I have plagiarized a lot of his sayings.

Aside from all of those memories and lessons Coach Rule taught me on the field, another thing about him was that he was a big guy, very big, like 363 pounds. After he was done coaching at Centennial High School, Rule went through a life-transformation that he is now using to help others.

He literally walked off the weight. Starting by just walking down the street, he diligently walked more and more each day. A year went by and he had walked off 144 pounds! From 363 to 219. That is almost 4 years ago and he has kept it all off.

Through the process he has started a non-profit organization, Everyone Walk, that promotes healthy living by walking as a means to stay active.

The 4th annual “24 Hour Walk” event is coming up on Saturday September 27th. This is a fantastic event that is created to raise money and awareness for Everyone Walk and other local foundations and causes. This is an event where Rule walks continuously for 24 hours, something he couldn’t even have dreamt of doing when he was 363 pounds.

You are invited to come to Doc Harris Stadium in Camas, Washington to join Rule, Everyone Walk, The Bald Faced Truth Foundation, Sunshine Division and other local groups in walking in this great event.

I walked a handful of laps with Coach Rule last year. He completed 91 miles in 24 hours last year, his goal is 100 miles this year! Come join me September 27th in supporting a cause that is doing great things in our community.