Portland Winterhawks, Near The Halfway Point Of The Regular Season, Continue To Fight For A Playoff Spot

One of the toughest schedules for the Portland Winterhawks happened at a time where the team was desperate to get some distance between the bottom of the division and in the hunt to be in the mix for a playoff spot. The Hawks are nearing the halfway point of the season and have had some […]


Portland Winterhawks Soar Like Eagles During Turkey Days

Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, the Portland Winterhawks were facing strong competition with three games over five nights, two with BC Division teams and one with a Central Division team, all solidly ranked in their respective divisions.


WATCH: Winterhawks Memorial Cup Championship Highlights

Highlight video of the 1983 and 1998 Portland Winter Hawks Memorial Cup championship teams that played during the reunion celebration in the Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, March 8.


Three Steps For The Portland Winterhawks To Leave The Losing Streak Behind

The nine-game losing streak is over, but it might be the defining moment of the season if the Portland Winterhawks can’t escape it’s negative momentum throughout November. With an upcoming five-game series at home, the team can’t afford it. They have teetered into a losing record and have plummeted to the bottom of the conference […]


Winterhawks Playoffs: Round 1

The Hawks offensive lines are going to have to play two-way hockey in order to snuff this first foe and move on to the real challenges.


Winterhawks On Top and Playoff Bound

After a season that began with damaged confidence, the Winterhawks are on track to take the U.S. Division of the WHL for the year.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 26: Winterhawks Near Division Takeover

We all would like to see playoff matchup against the Thunderbirds, but I am sure anyone in that Winterhawks locker room would rather not.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 25: Portland Reaches New High Point

Remember when everybody was worried about the Winterhawks not making the playoffs? They’re one victory away from being 20 games over .500.


Winterhawks Capable of Division Takeover

With eight games remaining, the distance between Portland and the division-leading Everett Silvertips is rapidly closing


WHL Power Rankings – Week 24: Playoff Battle in the West

The East’s eight playoff spots are virtually locked. But out west, four teams are fighting to the end for the final two spots.