Sports Bar Review: The Pit Stop Bar & BBQ Grill


In our new Sports Bar Review series, Brian Maahs will be imbibing across Portland in search of the perfect mix of booze, food, sports and atmosphere. Check his scorecard at the end to see how he ultimately thinks each sports bar stacks up.

The next stop on my sports bar review tour has taken me to a Beaverton mainstay, The Pit Stop Bar and BBQ Grill. I have recently been frequenting this fine establishment to watch NFL Sunday Ticket and participate in the many activities provided, all while imbibing a variety of cocktails and beers as well as enjoying the various menu items, highlighted by some outstanding BBQ fare.

The Pit Stop is family friendly until 8 p.m. and offers a multitude of nightly activities including Free Pool on Sundays, Ladies Night and Free Pool on Mondays, Pool Tournaments and Taco deals on Tuesdays, Military Appreciation and “Last Call Trivia” Wednesday nights, and “Tap the Keg Night” on Thursdays; which means $1.00 beers of a chosen keg until the keg is empty. Rounding out the week is Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. A generous happy hour occurs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close every day.

The walls of The Pit Stop are covered with 24 flat screens, giving every patron a view of practically any sporting event on T.V. Keno and video poker are also available for the more adventurous clients. If trivia is more your speed, then you can participate in the BuzzTime trivia game available at any time. Two pool tables, Big Buck Safari, and Golden Tee Live are also provided to entertain the Pit Stop clientele. There is also a patio where patrons can enjoy drinking outdoors as well as playing cornhole.

The overall atmosphere of The Pit Stop Bar and BBQ Grill is quintessential sports bar. The servers are friendly and energetic and are quick to answer any questions one might have about the abundant menu as well as willing to change the channel of the T.V. you are watching to whatever sporting event you might be interested in. The bar is split into two main areas; the main bar area and the lounge area. This is important because if you happen to be at The Pit Stop for a quick beer or drink, you won’t be bothered by any of the many activities happening in the lounge. The Pit Stop has plenty of seating and never seems to be crowded no matter how many people are there.

I highly suggest visiting The Pit Stop whenever you are in the Beaverton area. Awesome entertainment and mouthwatering smoked meats are included in a flawless sports bar environment. Easy access from highway 217 makes The Pit Stop a perfect venue for your next sports bar excursion.

TV Size & Distribution8.9
Beer Selection7.4
Food & Menu9.3
The Pit Stop Bar & BBQ Grill
10245 SW Canyon Rd / Portland
PHONE: (503) 643-4758
SOCIAL: Facebook / Yelp
Brian Maahs
Brian Maahs is an avid sports fan, fisherman and youth football coach. When he's not reviewing Portland's best sports bars, he's usually researching fantasy football or planning his next fishing trip.