Fantasy Scrambler: PPR Draft Review


After much anticipation and massive amounts of NFL studying, the first draft of three I have scheduled this preseason is in the books.

Of course, this draft was rife with surprises which made me have to constantly adjust my strategy on the fly.

For example, I was not expecting Gronkowski to be there when the draft snaked back to me at the end of round 2. I jumped at the chance to get the second ranked tight end considering that this is a PPR league.

kempImmediately after that pick, my coveted wide receiver, Randall Cobb, was viciously robbed from me so I was stuck with settling for the oft injured Danny Amendola. My hope for Amendola is that his new quarterback won’t put him in as many precarious positions as his previous signal caller in St. Louis and he will be a reliable contributor to my team every week.

View our full draft order.

To explain my lack of strength at the QB position, I must tell you that I downloaded a draft app from and every mock draft I did leading up to the real thing emphasized to me to wait to pick my quarterback and to build my receiver depth early.

I highly recommend the draft app from Not only does it let you do mock and live drafts but it has up to date player news and rankings. It also makes it easy for drafters to keep track of bye weeks, although I did mistakenly pick two defenses with the byes in week 10. An error I quickly remedied with a rare draft day trade.

All in all, this was another fantastic day of fantasy football. We were treated like royalty by the staff at Shawn Kemp’s restaurant/bar Oskar’s Kitchen in Seattle. There was a less than usual amount of smack talk, probably due to the fact that perennial playoff participant Electric Donkeys was dead last a year ago.

I’ve got two more drafts coming up next week so I will use what I’ve learned today to better my chances of drafting some winning teams. Remember to always be ready to adjust my strategies and to be flexible when the talent starts to thin out.

Good luck to everyone who has drafts coming up and remember that fantasy football is serious fun!

Brian Maahs
Brian Maahs is an avid sports fan, fisherman and youth football coach. When he's not reviewing Portland's best sports bars, he's usually researching fantasy football or planning his next fishing trip.