Timbers Beat Seattle, Take First Place

Long after the final whistle blew Sunday night at Jeld-Wen Field, a lone, scraggly strand of wrist-tape lingered, untouched, on the pitch. Just 20 minutes earlier, it belonged to Clint Dempsey, the player that has come to define the fiercest football rivalry in North America. But when the utterly classless and disgraceful Dempsey threw it […]


Drenched Timbers Look Back at Galaxy

There’s just no beating the Timbers in the Portland rain. The home team was right at home in the middle of an astonishing late-September monsoon in Portland, and the Timbers ground out a vital 1-0 win over the back-to-back champion LA Galaxy Sunday afternoon at Jeld-Wen Field. For Caleb Porter, 1-0 is the new 3-3. […]


Will the Timbers Qualify for CONCACAF?

Earlier this year, I was watching a soccer game on TV and during halftime saw an ad for the CONCACAF Champions League – our region of the world’s largest club tournament. It’s a tournament I honestly knew almost nothing about, who qualified and how. At the time, the Portland Timbers’ season was flying high, and […]


Timbers Trade for Exceptional Urruti

And with that, the last of the original four MLS Portland Timbers are gone. It’s fitting, given that the Timbers are transitioning from a team often that played like an expansion squad at times in its first two years in MLS to a bonafide top-flight contender. Portland traded likable young striker Bright Dike to Toronto […]


Sounders Add to Timbers’ Frustration up North

Written by Written by Abe Asher | This article originally appeared on OregonSportsNews.com It all started so promisingly for the Portland Timbers Sunday night at Jeld-Wen Field, and then, like the Timbers’ central midfield, they just slowly faded away. Instead of crashing the party up north, Portland was part of the show. And really, what […]

How to Create a Better Major League Soccer

Written by Written by Abe Asher | This article originally appeared on OregonSportsNews.com We are near the start of the new Premier League season. Imagine this: With ten games to go in the league season, 13 teams are within ten points of the lead. Eight teams are within six points of the league leaders, and […]


Timbers Knock Off Top-Ranked Dallas

A sunny day, two great teams, an amazing atmosphere and a brilliant goal made Saturday at Jeld-Wen field a day to remember as the Timbers beat a great FC Dallas team. The game was full of life as the Timbers passed the ball around a Dallas team that was capable of stifling any threat at […]


Timbers Blow Lead, Settle for Draw

After being 2 goals up the Timbers gave their lead away to see a win dissolve into a draw and for any fan watching the game it felt like a loss. Going into this game Portland was without 4 starters due to international call ups for their countries World Cup qualifying: Rodney Wallace, Ryan Johnson, […]

Portland MLS Playoffs

Timbers Streaking through the MLS

The Timbers were bumped up to third in the MLS power rankings this week, trailing only Dallas (1) and Montreal (2). This is right where I think the Timbers should be for now but if we keep winning on the road, especially against opponents that we should be beating, I wouldn’t doubt a move to […]


Timbers Extend Unbeaten Streak to 10 Games

Saturday saw the Timbers continue their unbeaten run to 10 games with a draw against conference rivals, the Vancouver Whitecaps. Both teams were keen to capitalize on solid performances from the week before but neither team really controlled the game in the enemy’s final third. The Timbers displayed their typical dominance in the midfield in […]