The Winterhawks’ Western Conference Hurdles

The Winterhawks are starting to glance down the barrel of their various competitors in both the U.S. Division and the rest of the Western Conference.

winterhawks road trip

Winterhawks Finalize Canada Road Trips

A road game in Canada is a big deal for Portland, the southern-most team in the league. It’s important to see where the team falls on the larger totem pole.

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Winterhawks Make Moves at the Trade Deadline

The Winterhawks had two large trades go through: one that concludes an ongoing saga and another that sheds light on one of the larger dark roster spots.


A Cheer for the 2012-13 Winterhawks

It was the first year the Hawks had earned the Ed Chynoweth Cup, which had been renamed that year to honor the CHL founding father.


A Salute to the 1915-16 Portland Rosebuds

If there is a season that will live in most palpable infamy, it is the one memorialized on the first permanent ring under the Stanley Cup.


Ode to the 1960-61 Portland Buckaroos

While the Portland Winterhawks are away, I thought it appropriate to contemplate the 100 years of hockey that the Rose City has enjoyed


Winterhawks Aim For Top Division Slot

With the winter break coming up, the Winterhawks have a simple New Year’s resolution that they are preparing for: come back with a bang.


The Winterhawks Balance the Attack

Tuesday night’s victory in Victoria has proved to be a high-water mark for the Winterhawks season.


Even-Record Winterhawks Looking Ahead

Let’s all take a moment to pledge allegiance to a .500 record for the first time this season, and then look at how the Hawks have evened out the wrinkles.


The Winterhawks’ True Home: Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Despite my affection for the Moda Center, Veterans Memorial Coliseum is the preferable venue for the Winterhawks and should be their year-round home arena.