Winterhawks Short on Future Draft Picks

The Hawks have had to forfeit their first round picks for the last two years, and must continue to do so through the 2017 Bantam Draft.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 19: Loads of Talent in Top 10

Any team in the Top 10 has the talent to win it all. The teams at 11-15 are just looking for an invite to the party.


The Winterhawks’ Western Conference Hurdles

The Winterhawks are starting to glance down the barrel of their various competitors in both the U.S. Division and the rest of the Western Conference.

winterhawks road trip

Winterhawks Finalize Canada Road Trips

A road game in Canada is a big deal for Portland, the southern-most team in the league. It’s important to see where the team falls on the larger totem pole.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 17: Kelowna Climbing Back Up

It is almost impossible for the Winterhawks to catch the Rockets for the top spot in the west, but jumping the Silvertips in the standings is very doable.

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Winterhawks Make Moves at the Trade Deadline

The Winterhawks had two large trades go through: one that concludes an ongoing saga and another that sheds light on one of the larger dark roster spots.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 16: Shakeup on the top

With five of the next six games away from Portland, the Winterhawks will need to continue to show the defensive prowess they have had as of late.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 15: Hawks Can’t Solve Seattle

Every WHL fan would tell you that the Winterhawks are clearly a more talented team, yet when it comes to playing Seattle, Portland manages to lose.


A Salute to the 1915-16 Portland Rosebuds

If there is a season that will live in most palpable infamy, it is the one memorialized on the first permanent ring under the Stanley Cup.


WHL Power Rankings – Week 13: Contenders and Pretenders

There are three sets of teams: the contenders, the middlemen, and the bottom dwellers. I believe the top eight teams in my rankings are the contenders.