Purple, White and Rolled All Over: The Week in Roller Derby


In Spring, roller derby action starts heating up with the Rose City Rollers. The home team season is in full swing, with about half of the season’s games played. Meanwhile, the all-star Wheels of Justice team representing Portland and the Rose City Rollers are starting to tune up for a season that culminates in WFTDA Playoffs in the fall.

Friday March 6: Wheels of Justice Exhibition Purple 140, White  168
Don’t miss Jake’s recap. This exhibition scrimmage was an opportunity for the public to get excited about the #2 ranked team in the world and the possibility of climbing even higher in 2015. Purple vs. White (or black vs. white) scrimmages happen all the time for travel team practice, and they’re all as much fun as this one is to watch, with teammates backing each other up, even as they try to knock each other down. Star jammers Much Mayhem and Scald Eagle didn’t disappoint their fans, but just as exciting is seeing familiar faces on this stage (Brawn Swanson, Bella Constrictor, Jenna Specht), and newer or transfer skaters like Double Dluxxx and Elizabeth Baumwirt. It’s going to be a fun season.

MVP Blockers: Ripley (Purple) and Yinger (White)
MVP Jammers: Licker (Purple) and Gaither (White)

The Wheels of Justice’s next bout will be April 4th at the Hangar vs. the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls (Denver, CO) 5280 Fight Club.

Saturday March 7: Heartless Heathers 235,  High Rollers 132
It was a battle for first place in the Rose City Rollers home season on Saturday night, with the High Rollers in green taking on the ice queens, the Heartless Heathers, in blue. The High Rollers rolled into the game undefeated, and would roll out the same way, though that result wasn’t a foregone conclusion. The halftime score of 114-61 in favor of the High Rollers was cut to 133-99 with twelve minutes to go in the second half, but the High Rollers’ stifling defense proved too strong in the final minutes.

This loss brings the High Rollers to 4-0 for the season, where the Heartless Heathers are 3-2, with their only two losses being against the High Rollers.

Napoleon Blownapart scored over 100 points for the High Rollers, nearly equaling the output from the Heathers.

MVP Blockers: Brawn Swanson (HR) and Bella Constrictor (HH)
MVP Jammers: Napoleon Blownapart (HR) and Irie Belle (HH)

The next Rose City home game will be March 21, with the Guns ‘N’ Rollers trying for their first win of the season, but not if the Heathers have anything to say about it.