Oregon’s New Facility Will Blow Your Mind



Every college football empire begins with 55″ big screens and a hot tub for your head coach, right? It does in Eugene, apparently.

Uncle Phil appeared to have spared no expense in building arguably the nation’s nicest football facility. From a player lounge that will surely make NFL athletes jealous to a full blown barbershop, Nike University is once again is spoiling their student athletes rotten.

Check out where the Ducks will be spending this season:

The Lobby


The lobby includes 64 total 55-inch televisions that can be linked to show one integrated image, or 64 individual views.


Many of the high-profile trophies won by Oregon are housed in the lobby’s trophy case. Others are featured elsewhere in the building.


A row of miniature ‘maquettes’ illustrates Oregon’s uniforms over the years. No word yet on when they plan to expand the building to accommodate this year’s set of unis.

The Locker Room


Players are situated in the locker room with the rest of their summer squad members, and benches face out to promote teammate interactions, which Chip Kelly suggested from his hockey playing days.


Yes, among the stalls in the locker room is one designated for ‘Uncle Phil.’

The Cafeteria


The kitchen area aims to provide the ‘best training table in America,’ and reminds players to ‘Eat Your Enemies … and the other food groups.’

Player Lounge


The lounge for Oregon’s players features two banks of four 55-inch TV screens, six gaming stations and hand-woven rugs.


Barber Shop


Just inside the player lounge’s outdoor deck are a pool table crafted in Portland and two foosball tables, each with one 11-player team in green and yellow and the other representing the rest of the Pac-12.

Head Coach’s Office


Head coach Mark Helfrich’s office opens out over the practice fields, but with the touch of a button shades will darken the room for the sake of film review.


A hydrotherapy pool is also available in the coaches’ locker room.

Pre-Game & Post-Game


Press conferences and postgame interviews will take place in a new media room that features theater-style seating, and four ‘confessional’ booths for one-on-one interactions.


A position meeting room, in this case for wide receivers, features a 120-inch projection screen for reviewing film.


The new weight room contains ample space for the team, and on the mezzanine a 40-yard electronic track lane.


A mural decorates the wall at the end of the weight room.

Photos courtesy of GoDucks.com. To see more of the new Oregon Ducks practice facility, head over to GoDucks.com

Jake Donahue
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