Grantland: Blazers Have Eighth Best Basketball Court Design



Zach Lowe over at Grantland just unveiled The Definitive NBA Court Design Power Rankings: Everything you ever needed to know about the past, present, and future of the league’s hardwood homes.

[quote align=’right’]”If basketball is poetry, the Blazers’ logo is the only one that encapsulates the sport’s poetic nature.”[/quote]While LeBron’s return to Cleveland has the Caveliers near the top of many pundit’s power rankings, Lowe dropped the Cavs to last place in his court design list. Rounding out the bottom five are Phoenix (29), Houston (28), Oklahoma City (27) and Minnesota (26).

Meanwhile, the Blazers landed squarely in the No. 8 slot where Lowe comments: “This is the only 2014-15 redesign that strikes me as a downgrade.”

He may not be a fan of the redesigned court design but he’s absolutely in love with that infamous pinwheel:

“The Blazers can fall only so low as long as they keep that pinwheel logo, the greatest piece of abstract art in American pro sports. The red and white stripes, five of each, are meant to represent players on two opposing teams working together and then crisscrossing with their enemies in a balletic blur. If basketball is poetry, the Blazers’ logo is the only one that encapsulates the sport’s poetic nature.”

Rounding out Lowe’s top three court designs are the Charlotte Hornets (3), Boston Celtics (2) and Los Angeles Lakers (1).

See all the designs at Grantland.


Jake Donahue
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