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Fantasy Scrambler: Year of the Injury

Well, like most of you, I figured that the inordinate amount of injuries that befell our fantasy studs in the preseason would shelter us from an avalanche of injuries during the season. However, it seems that 2013 is earning the title of “Year of the Injury.” Now, more than in any point in the season […]

Fantasy Scrambler

Fantasy Scrambler: Admitting Mistakes and Correcting Errors

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to be considered a fantasy football “Expert.” Do you have to be receiving a paycheck to dole out your opinions? Do you have to be a former player or coach? Or is it simply having the courage to call yourself an expert and to publicly voice your fantasy opinions […]


Nike’s New Pro Bowl Uniforms Look Oddly Familiar

When Nike took over the NFL’s uniforms in 2012, many expected a radical Oregon-style shift. But the Seahawks are the only team who really saw any noticeable changes. And even then, they weren’t as wild as their NCAA neighbors in Eugene. This time around, however, Nike busted out some familiar flair with their new Pro […]

Fantasy Scrambler

Fantasy Scrambler: The Zone Read QB

This week I want to take a look at some of the trends that I’ve been noticing regarding zone-read quarterbacks. This includes Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Geno Smith, and Terrelle Pryor. I have noticed that all of the aforementioned QB’s who are not rookies have declined in production in their second and third […]


Arena Football Returns to Portland

Portland may not have the NFL, but we’ll be getting football nonetheless in 2014. Arena Football League Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz announced at a press conference yesterday that an ownership group led by Portland businessman Terry W. Emmert, CEO of Clackamas-based Emmert International, an engineered transport and structural relocation company specializing in ultra-heavy duty transit, […]

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Fantasy Scrambler: Looking to Playoffs

Now that we are four weeks into the 2013 NFL season, it’s time to start looking ahead to the fantasy playoffs. All of the preseason hype has played itself out, for the most part, and we are starting to get a clearer if not truer picture of what teams and players are really gonna do […]

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Fantasy Scrambler: Time to Scramble

As week three comes to an end, it truly is time to “Scramble”. Injuries are piling up and your diligence as an owner and talent evaluator is being put to the test. Hopefully, you read last week’s Fantasy Scrambler and took my advice on Giovani Bernard and played him. Gio had a nice game as […]

Fantasy Scrambler

Fantasy Scrambler: Sleepers and Relievers

Week two is in the books and it’s already time to start thinking about working the waiver wire. Injuries are a fantasy owner’s biggest obstacle and how we maneuver around them, be it through trades, free agent pick-ups, or with shrewd lineup manipulation, is the key to winning championships. This is the point in the […]

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Fantasy Scrambler: What We Learned From a Wild Week One

This is what we’ve all been waiting for: Monstrous performances, fantastic finishes, sleepers awakened and stars shut down. Week one has proven again why we all play fantasy football and why the NFL is America’s game. You have multiple options to get game recaps so I want to concentrate on some of the hidden truths […]

Fantasy Scrambler

Fantasy Scrambler: Start ‘Em or Stash ‘Em

Hello Scramblers, I want to jump into week one with some start ‘em or stash ‘em’s for every game. I’ll tell you who you need in your lineup and who should be riding the pine. RAVENS vs BRONCOS First up, Thursday’s season kickoff game, Baltimore at Denver. A rematch of last year’s AFC divisional playoff […]