Portland Sports: Mondo Croquet

16th Annual Mondo Croquet & Mad Hatter Picnic

Anything England can do we can do better – and bigger. Cricket? Please. I’d like to see those guys hit 500-foot homeruns off a 90-mph fastball. Croquet? We’ve got bigger balls. Literally. While the Brits use baseball-sized orbs they quaintly tap with wooded mallets, a group of Portlanders have modified the Old English yard game […]

Portland Sports: Underwater Hockey

Friday Five: Portland’s Lesser Known Sports

You already know about Portland’s epic dodgeball leagues. And the Rose City is no stranger to a massive kickball community. While Futsal and other small leagues are growing in popularity, there still remains an underground of sorts containing Portland’s lesser-known leisure leagues. We’re not exactly talking Urban Iditarod or hide and seek championships; rather some […]