Fantasy Scrambler: AFC, NFC East Review

For the final installment of my midseason report series, I saved the East for last. The AFC East is being led by the New England Patriots with a record of 6-2. Tied for second at 4-4 are the Jets and the Dolphins. While last place belongs to the Bills who are sitting at 3-5 at […]


Fantasy Scrambler: AFC, NFC South Report

The AFC South division has been somewhat of a surprise so far. The Colts, at 5-2, sit on top of the division after some impressive wins against Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver. Tennessee is 2nd with a 3-4 record, followed by Houston at 2-5. Lastly, the Jags come limping into the halfway point without a […]


Fantasy Scrambler: AFC, NFC North Report

The Black and Blue division is being dominated so far by the Cincinnati Bengals who are 6-2 at the midway point of the season. The Ravens are in second at 3-4, followed by the Browns at 3-5 and the Steelers are dead last at 2-5 after losing to the Raiders on Sunday. Cincy has compiled […]


Fantasy Scrambler: Midseason Report

The First place team in the AFC West at the mid-point of the season is…..the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s right, the Chiefs, not the Broncos, are on top of the division with an impressive 8-0 record. Third place belongs to the Chargers, while the hapless Raiders are once again playing for a top five draft […]