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With #UnitePortland, Terry Porter Aimed at Telling a Whole New Story with the Portland Pilots

This week will be a busy Thanksgiving for Terry Porter. Not only does he have a new moniker, college team to run and a pressing holiday tournament to prep for in Southern California, but the former 17-year NBA All-Star point guard who spent 10 years with the Portland Trail Blazers also has to keep his […]


Portland Trail Blazers: 3 Things To Look For Heading Into The Season

Long story short, basketball is back. After the incredible, expectation-shattering season last year, there are a lot of hopes and dreams floating around Rip City. The spirit of Rip City is truly alive and the team on the court hopes to hold up their end of the bargain.


A Future of Opportunities: Diving into the Blazers’ Salary Cap

The future is definitely full of opportunities and choices for the Blazers starting in 2015/16. With 13 potentially final-year contracts, and 2 contracts only guaranteed in 2015/16 (which are still viable trade options), you could potentially have the make up for an ENTIRE new roster. Only Batum and Crabbe have guaranteed money in 2015/16, but they are still viable trade options if the Blazers choose to move them.


Blazers: What We’ve Learned After Two Games

I’ll admit: I wrote a preview piece about this series and in the back of my mind I didn’t think the Portland Trail Blazers had a real shot to win it. The Houston Rockets have two guys who have been to the finals in James Harden and Dwight Howard. They have size. They have experience. […]


Weekend Recap: Monday Morning Links

A sweep in the first round of the playoffs has the Winterhawks hosting the Victoria Royals in the second round. The Winterhawks finished their sweep with a 6-1 victory, pushing their win-streak to 11. Derrick Pouliot got his 47th career playoff point in the game, tying the franchise record. [Winterhawks] Here’s what happened for the […]


Weekend Recap: Monday Morning Links

The Beaver’s women’s basketball team dominated in their first NCAA tournament victory since 1995. On Sunday, the ninth-seed Beavers beat the eighth-seed Middle Tennessee 55-36. The team now has to play No. 1 seed South Carolina on Tuesday but the victory against Middle Tennessee is something the team intends to celebrate for as long as […]


What Is Going On With The Portland Trail Blazers?

Plain and simple, the Portland Trail Blazers can’t finish games. They don’t have a strategy, or one that works for that matter, to do so. Players are not executing down the stretch of games, and it has become a recurring fact that they cannot finish against quality teams. Unless they figure this out, this isn’t […]


Blazers Look To Reignite Past The All-Star Break

The Trail Blazers have had a tale of two seasons already. A first quarter of the season where Portland shot threes at a record-breaking pace, and climbed into the top two of a loaded Western Conference. This magic was followed by a quarter where the bench tapered off and the starters were run ragged into […]

Damian Lillard

Is it Good for Damian Lillard to Compete in All Five All-Star Events?

Often times, the NBA All-Star Week is about finding other things to do besides watch basketball. But fans of the Portland Trail Blazers will have someone to cheer for during all five of the All-Star Week’s main events, as Damian Lillard will be putting the “all” in All-Star Week, appearing in the BBVA Compass Rising […]


What is Wrong with the Blazers?

The Portland Trail Blazers started the season at a torrid pace. The scoring and wins they accumulated impressed teams and pundits around the league. Being seen as one of the best teams in the league is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing, because this team is a clear-cut playoff team, whereas before the season […]